Living water for all: Living Water Jewel

In August 2016, a group of spiritual leaders from all around the world gathered in Istanbul under the leadership of Prof. Dr H.J. Witteveen, former managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)  This formed the start of a unique friendship between leaders from all kinds of religious, spiritual, and indigenous traditions such as Buddhists, Sufi’s, Hindu’s, Sikhs, Muslims, Catholics, Jews, Inuit, Maasai, and Indians.

Out of this meeting Living Peace Projects was founded in 2018 as a non profit organization: A community of spiritual leaders, ambassadors and water specialists united in their mission for clean water for everybody.

With  different educational water projects,  Living Peace Projects wish to make a positive impact on the world, enabling clean, living water for everybody. As they believe that in the near future the lack of fresh water will be the number one threat to peace and humanity.

Mission Living Peace Projects is to raise awareness on the importance of our sacred water sources by circulating handmade coherent Living Water Jewels. Each jewel contains water mixed from sacred springs, which have been brought together by spiritual leaders from around the world. The merged water sources have been made coherent at the Water For All Conference June 1st 2022 Peace Palace The Hague. Everyone can wear the jewel close to his / her heart as a token of our connection with all those who value the importance of our water sources.

By purchasing the Living Water Jewel, you’ll directly support  Living peace world improving water projects.

Living water for all

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