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The Rejuvenating Power of Coherent Water: Aǹalemma Launches Water Revolution With the Wave of a Crystal Wand – Super-Charged, Full Spectrum H2O to Balance Body and Mind

NEW YORK, June 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Aǹalemma ( announced the official launch of its signature product, the Aǹalemma tool. Manufactured in the Netherlands, Aǹalemma is a clear quartz, crystal tube-wand filled with a special “Mother Water” that transforms regular tap water into a supercharged, full spectrum, coherent state. When brought into proximity with normal water, the Aǹalemma tool encourages chaotic and irregular H2O molecules to rearrange into the same liquid crystalline structure as the Mother. That structure, and its stability, has a remarkable influence on any living creature who drinks the water. The Aǹalemma tool is available exclusively from the company’s site.

“It really does sound like magic, but the science behind Aǹalemma and the Mother Water is the key to its rejuvenating power,” said Mario Brainovic, CEO. “We all strive for connection. We all want to be connected with ourselves and everything around us in a meaningful way. Quantum physics is very clear on the fact that everything in the Universe is interconnected. Our ability to ‘perceive’ the information coming to us is crucial for creating the highest possible level of life for ourselves and our planet. Since 99% of our molecules are water, our ability to perceive must lie in the water itself. The crystalline structure that Aǹalemma creates in water enables your body to become a better ‘radio.’ It opens up the pathways to making your body more conscious, more connected, more in tune with the harmonic rhythms of Nature. Coherence equals consciousness. That’s why we call Aǹalemma water ‘conscious water.'”

Aǹalemma: Brain Wave Harmony and GlycanAge*

The effects of Aǹalemma on those who drink it are overwhelmingly positive, displayed in a variety of different tests. In a single double-blind study based on two twins, the profound influence of coherent water on brainwave patterns was demonstrable. In the test, one twin consumed regular water while the other drank pure, coherent water over the course of a few weeks. Within a half hour of drinking Aǹalemma, an EEG clearly showed an equilibrium occurring in the brain waves of the second twin. That equilibrium was noticeable and detectable for hours, though not present in the twin who drank only mineral water.

“In another test on the impact of Analemma water on human health, we employed the GlycanAge,” said Mario Brainovic. “The GlycanAge is an independent innovative method using cutting-edge science to evaluate your biological age and health through a series of biological markers. Very precise, glycol-science is published in more than 120 scientific journals. Our GlycanAge study had participants of both sexes and various ages who took their first GlycanAge test to create a base point, before they started drinking Aǹalemma water on a daily basis for three months. Participants of the study changed nothing about their regular lifestyle routines other than the water they drank. The results were astonishing! In just three months, all of the participants except one experienced an incredible 1–12 biological age revitalization and rejuvenation in their second GlycanAge test. We’ve really only scratched the surface of what Aǹalemma can do and we have many more studies on the way.”

Aǹalemma: Expert Reviews

“If you are alive, you should be drinking this water; it’s as simple as that.” – Dr. Renee Steimman, MD

“This water is a blessing.” Dr. Eric Laarakker, DMV, founder of Healthcare Academy Den Hoek.

“Aǹalemma is a breakthrough, a revolution in the science of water.” – Dolf Zantinge, an entrepreneur with a background in fiber optics, telecommunication, artificial intelligence and data mining.

View the explainer video or go online to read about the effects of Aǹalemma on plants. And for the latest information on upcoming Aǹalemma products, follow them on social media: Facebook, Instagram.

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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This water is a blessing, and we will do everything in our power to offer it to as much people as possible in a sustainable, loving, and fair way.

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