NOTE: Whole house unit (US) is intended for USA. If you are placing an order for the whole house unit for any other country (for example, Canada, Australia, or any other country), please make sure your piping system uses inches and please contact us at beforehand, and we will assist you further. If you reside in Europe, please make sure to select the Whole house EU unit.   There are two ways to connect the Analemma unit depending on what kind of plumbing system you use. Standard methods used are press fitting or compression fitting.
A certified plumber is required for the installation of the whole house unit. The whole house Analemma unit is fitted with a standard 1 inch piping (inner diameter). If the pipe size in your home differs from the size of Analemma whole house unit, make sure your plumber acquires a reducer/adapter. For example, if you have a 3/4 inch piping, a reducer that will connect the 3/4 inch piping to our standard 1 inch piping (inner diameter) on the whole house Analemma unit is required to properly install the whole house unit.

Analemma Water is not responsible for the installation of the whole house unit.