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What is Analemma?

Analemma is a tool that transforms regular tap water into its supercharged, full-spectrum, coherent state. In regular tap water, H2O molecules move in a chaotic and irregular manner. Through a simple process, Analemma radically changes the state of water by rearranging the H2O molecules into a liquid crystalline structure. That structure, and its stability, has a remarkable influence on all living things.

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Extraordinary revitalization of body and mind

To test the impact of Analemma water on human health, we employed an innovative method using cutting-edge science to evaluate your biological age and health through new biological markers: GlycanAge. The GlycanAge test, very precisely, determines your biological age (not to be equated with your chronological age).

It tells you how old you actually are, and it can be a useful tool to help you assess your overall health and wellness.

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Other benefits of Analemma

Brainwave harmonisation

” Analemma is a breakthrough, a revolution in the science of water.”

Dolf Zantinge, Data mining inventor

Analemma creates harmony; it creates equilibrium in our bodies and our minds, and one of the key areas where this harmonization occurs is in the brain.

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Upsurge of power capacity of water by 300%

” If you are alive, you should be drinking this water it’s as simple as that. “

Dr. Renee Steimman, MD

Did you know that water has an electrical capacity of 150 to 300 mV? After just a couple of swirls with Analemma, that capacity upsurges by a staggering 300%!

When we drink Analemma water, all that energy ends up in our cells, revitalizing and restoring our entire system.

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Coherent body and mind

The crystalline structure that Analemma creates in the water enables your body to become a better ‘radio’. It opens up the pathways to making your body more conscious, more connected, more in tune with the harmonic rhythms of Nature.

Coherence equals consciousness; that’s why we call Analemma water ‘conscious water’.

” This water is a blessing. “

Dr. Eric Laarakker, DMV, founder of den Hoek health Academy – institute and clinic

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Meet Analemma

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