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In 2022, an independent clinical study was conducted to test whether Aǹalemma water has a positive impact on ATP levels of healthy adult humans.

ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, is the “energy currency” of the cell. It is produced in mitochondria and delivered to all parts of the cell, where it is constantly being broken down as fuel for essential biochemical reactions.

Without ATP, our bodies would be unable to synthesize DNA and RNA, contract muscles or send millions of neuronal impulses necessary for normal brain function.

ATP study

In the study, one group of participants consumed Aǹalemma water and the second group consumed Placebo, or untreated water. The design of the study was double blind, with neither the participants nor the investigators aware of how the subjects were distributed into groups, which is the gold standard of scientific inquiry.

After only two months, the results were remarkable!

Participants consuming Aǹalemma water had significantly higher levels of blood ATP compared to the Placebo group.


Amazing benefits of high ATP levels

An upsurge in cellular ATP leads to better performance in all aspects of our mind and body – we think and work better, feel stronger and more energized.

The benefits of high ATP levels are numerous, especially when it comes to muscle performance.

Studies have indicated that oral ATP supplementation enables a higher force output during high-intensity exercise, but also helps reduce muscle fatigue post-workout.

With Aǹalemma, you don’t need supplements to increase your cellular ATP production.

Aǹalemma is an efficient tool to powerfully increase your muscle strength and endurance.

With additional benefits of promoting anti-inflammatory pathways and optimizing the gut microbiome, Aǹalemma is an all-in-one technology designed to revitalize your entire system from within.

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