Full spectrum coherent structured water

Extraordinary revitalization of body and mind

To test the impact of Aǹalemma water on human health, we employed an extremely precise and thoroughly researched scientific method: GlycanAge.

The GlycanAge test very precisely determines your biological age (in contrast to your chronological age). It tells you how old you actually are, and therefore how healthy you actually are.

Other benefits of Aǹalemma

Brainwave harmonisation

” Aǹalemma is a breakthrough, a revolution in the science of water.”

Dolf Zantinge DVM, Data mining inventor

The brain is the organ in the body which is the most liquid; therefore water plays a crucial, major role in all of its functions. While testing the influence of Aǹalemma on brainwaves, we noticed that, within half an hour of subjects drinking the Aǹalemma water, an equilibrium occurred. Using an EEG we noticed immediate positive effects of Aǹalemma water in various parts of the brain. We also noticed that cellphone usage disturbs this delicate balance and creates chaos in the brainwaves.

We applied the Aǹalemma water to cellphone users to find out whether it would restore the balance – and, lo and behold, within just a couple of minutes of drinking the water, the balance got restored.

Aǹalemma creates harmony; it creates equilibrium in our bodies and our minds, and the part where it shows it the fastest is the brain.

Upsurge of power capacity of water by 300%

If you are alive, you should be drinking this water it’s as simple as that. “

Dr. Renee Steimman , MD

Did you know that water has an electrical capacity of 150 to 300 mV? After just a couple of swirls with Aǹalemma, the electrical capacity of that same water  upsurges by a staggering 300%!

When we drink Aǹalemma water, all that energy ends up in our cells, revitalizing and restoring our entire system.

To test the increase in electrical capacity, we used a newly developed technology able to measure extremely low frequencies in water and plants. We took rainwater, made it coherent with Aǹalemma, and then measured the changes in its capacity. The electrical capacity of the water increased by 300%!

We then watered the plants with that same water and measured the changes over the following 3 months. The results were astonishing: the plants increased their energy levels by up to 300%, the same as the water. With this high energy level, the plants remained alive a lot longer.

Coherent body and mind

This water is a blessing.”

Dr. Eric Laarakker, DVM, founder of den Hoek health Academy – institute and clinic

We all strive for connection. We all strive to be connected with ourselves and everything around us in a meaningful way. Quantum physics is very clear on the fact that everything in the Universe is interconnected. Our ability to ‘perceive’ the information coming to us is crucial for creating the highest possible level of life for ourselves and our planet. Since 99% of our molecules are water, our ability to ‘perceive’ must lie in the water itself. The crystalline structure that Aǹalemma creates in the water enables your body to become a better ‘radio’. It opens up the pathways to making your body more conscious, more connected, more in tune with the harmonic rhythms of Nature.

Coherence equals consciousness; that’s why we call Aǹalemma water ‘conscious water’.

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