Did you know that 99% of your molecules are water?

The quality of that 99% determines the quality of your life.


Only two months of consuming Aǹalemma coherent water caused a 20% increase in ATP levels, the total cellular energy of the body.

Another double-blind placebo-controlled study showed a 16.2% improvement in the gut microbiome, and a decrease in pathogenic bacteria!

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We have purchased the Aǹalemma water sticks at Den Hoek (Holistic Practice for Animals & Humans) 6 months ago and we are very happy with it! It felt good immediately and it’s welcome support for body and mind, also in a spiritual way.
We use it for our drinking water including our animals, but also for the plants and for cooking. The beautician even commented that our skin looks so good, firmer, and younger ;-) Keep up the good work I would say!
Family Karsten

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Coherent water

creates balance

in your body

and mind.