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Frequently asked questions

FAQ about Analemma

How the analemma “stick” influences tap water to become coherent even though it is contained in a crystal glass tube?2021-02-09T00:12:41+00:00
Analemma tube contains what we call “the mother water”. It is the water of extreme coherence and electromagnetic power. As soon as any H2O molecules come in close proximity to it they begin to rearrange into a liquid crystalline structure.
If I take Analemma with me on my trips when I travel and have to go through the usual security and X-rays at the airports, will it loose its properties?2021-05-11T08:09:27+00:00
We radiated the Analemma water in many ways to see whether it will lose its structure and go back to chaos and it didn’t. Once treated it stays in the state of coherence for years.
There are no external detrimental influences (that we are aware of) that degrade the structure and efficiency of Analemma water. (we tested many) X rays and scans will not affect Analemma in any way.


How does Analemma need to be stored?2021-02-09T00:08:38+00:00
Analemma needs to be protected from falling, shaking, or being damaged in any way. Analemma is very fragile so keep it safe and stored in a safe and secured place.


Can the tube be opened and the water be put directly on one’s skin?2021-05-11T07:57:22+00:00
No, DO NOT try to open the vial because you will not be able to use it anymore. Analemma is intended exclusively for CREATING coherent water. After you treat the water with Analemma you can use it any way you need.


Once the water is treated with Analemma, how long does it stay in the state of coherence?2021-02-09T00:06:11+00:00
For years. We tested the water, treated only once, four years later, and it still held its structure and its efficiency.


How long does the Analemma tube last?2021-02-09T00:03:38+00:00
We repeatedly tested Analemma in many ways and it never lost its ability to structure the water. Time doesn’t seem to have any influence. Analemma is extremely stable, it stays in its coherent state virtually forever. You buy it once and it can last forever, as long as it is not damaged.


Can I water my plants with Analemma water?2021-02-09T00:00:43+00:00
Yes, it is more than recommended. We had many people report many beneficial changes in the growth, size, quality, and yield of fruit, vegetables, and plants.


Can I use it in cooking?2021-02-08T23:54:40+00:00
Yes, just make sure that you don’t immerse Analemma in hot liquid.


Can I use Analemma in hot tea?2021-02-08T23:52:27+00:00
We do not recommend it. Hot liquid can cause glass breakage. Just use Analemma before you heat the water.


Is it necessary to expose the Analemma to the sunlight?2021-05-08T14:38:07+00:00
In the years of studying the water, we found out a great connection between the water and the sun. The water on our planet changes electromagnetically every single day depending on the position of Earth towards the Sun.
It is not necessary to expose the Analemma to the sunlight but it is recommended. If you live in an area where the sun is abundant expose the Analemma to direct sunlight (not through the window) for a couple of minutes every other week.


Can you use Analemma on juices, wine or beer?2021-02-08T23:51:24+00:00
Yes, you can use Analemma on any room temperature drinkable liquid.
Can you use Analemma on distilled or alkaline or mineralised water?2021-02-08T23:50:04+00:00
Yes, Analemma can be used with any kind of room temperature drinkable water.
How to use Analemma2021-02-08T23:45:06+00:00
Take the Analemma out of the case and immerse the tube in the room temperature water. If you are using a regular glass (8-10 ounces), swirl the Analemma through the water for at least 15 seconds. If you are using a water jug of 35 or more ounces, swirl the Analemma for at least 30-40 seconds.
After use, wipe off the water drops from the Analemma (with a cloth or a paper towel) and put it back in its case.
You can use the ratios above to calculate the time of swirling for any larger or smaller quantity of water.

General FAQ

Can you take the water tube on the airlines for travel?2021-04-04T19:52:29+00:00
Yes, but put it in the luggage you will check-in. Don’t take it with you in your carry on luggage because airport security doesn’t allow any liquids in the airplane and would therefore force you to leave it behind.
What does Analemma tube contain?2021-02-09T00:28:02+00:00
Analemma tube contains what we call “the mother water”. It is the water of extreme coherence and electromagnetic power. As soon as any H2O molecules come in close proximity to it they begin to rearrange into a liquid crystalline structure.
What is the main difference between Analemma and other structured waters?2021-04-19T09:56:32+00:00
The main difference between Analemma water and other “structured” waters is stability. Most of the structured waters lose their stability within 5 minutes to a couple of hours. Analemma water holds its stability through the years, even though it is treated just once. Also, Analemma water is full-spectrum water, it has a unique structure. Its particular structure has a powerful influence on all living things which we have identified in all the preliminary testing and we look forward to establishing in further upcoming studies.
Is the metal of wooden case the tube comes in, strong enough to protect it in a packed luggage that you check in on the airlines?2021-02-09T00:26:44+00:00
Yes, but be sure that you place it within the soft clothes so it is additionally protected.
Is there a difference between stainless steel version and walnut version of Analemma in terms of physical protection?2021-02-09T00:17:50+00:00
No, they will protect the Analemma in a similar manner. Be aware, Analemma is very fragile. It will most certainly break if it falls on a hard surface, whether it’s in the case or outside of it. Keep it in a very safe and secure environment.
Is there a difference between stainless steel version and walnut version of Analemma?2021-02-09T00:14:11+00:00
No, Analemma works exactly the same in both versions. The difference is only in aesthetics.

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