The Aǹalemma Wand is a portable tool that transforms regular water into its super-charged, full-spectrum coherent state. It consists of an ultra-thin quartz vial filled with Mother Water, a highly dominant positive frequency water obtained through a 5-stage procedure spanning 365 days. When you swirl the Aǹalemma Wand through regular water, its molecules mimic the Mother Water's frequency and coherent structure. This seamless transfer of coherent structure is enabled by the very specific physical composition of quartz. The Aǹalemma Wand requires no batteries or electric charging. Both the Mother Water and the water treated with the Wand are highly stable, even when exposed to strong radiation. With proper care, this elegant tool can be your source of coherent water for a lifetime. The Aǹalemma Wand contains ultra-thin quartz and is therefore very fragile. Dropping it from any distance will almost certainly break it, so handle it with extreme care.