Whole house Aǹalemma

Due to a high demand, a second batch preorder list for the whole house Aǹalemma is now open! We expect the units to become available for purchase in February 2023! The price of the unit is $1,800 (USD), and we have ensured that 4 installment payments are available when placing your order, using Klarna!
The second batch of the whole house Analemmas will have a limited number of units available – send us an email at preorders@analemma-water.com, or fill out the form to the right, and we will add you to our preorder list! You will be the first to be notified as soon as the whole house unit becomes available for purchase!
Once implemented, the whole house unit will create coherent water for your entire home. You will reap the benefits of Aǹalemma coherent water not just when drinking the water, but also while cooking, showering, or watering your plants!

This water is a blessing, and it is our mission to introduce the importance of coherent water to as many people as possible.

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